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Electrical Construction

Self Driven Electrical Construction Project Group

  • Assist with project design and costing from customer concepts or specifications
  • Familiar with a variety of installation practices to meet customer plant requirements
    • Aluminum, steel, plastic, EMT and stainless steel conduit
    • Galvanized and aluminum ladder tray
    • Galvanized and stainless steel basket tray
    • Wire trough
  • Thorough documentation and labeling including CAD
  • Qualified trades people with all required safety training
  • Project cost tracking, scheduling and progress reports
  • Seamless coordination with our other divisions supplying instrumentation
    and system integration


The Electrical Construction Division is familiar with all aspects of performing in the industrial sector. Whether it is a small addition to an existing process or a complete process expansion, Hardie has certified trades people capable of completing the task on-time. Emphasis is put on quality, safety and meeting customer deadlines.



Production Environments

  • Material Handling
  • Mixing and Batching
  • Pasteurization
  • Processing and Refinement
  • CIP
  • Packaging
  • Utilites
  • Refrigeration

Industries Benefited by Electrical Construction

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A Word from a Client

Hardie was awarded a contract to install a fire alarm system within our facility and despite numerous restrictions worked diligently to run thousands of meters of conduit and cable.  Quality of work is excellent and project status communication was handled well too.

Poultry processing facility