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Electrical Construction

Self Driven Electrical Construction Project Group

  • Assist with project design and costing from customer concepts or specifications
  • Familiar with a variety of installation practices to meet customer plant requirements
    • Aluminum, steel, plastic, EMT and stainless steel conduit
    • Galvanized and aluminum ladder tray
    • Galvanized and stainless steel basket tray
    • Wire trough
  • Thorough documentation and labeling including CAD
  • Qualified trades people with all required safety training
  • Project cost tracking, scheduling and progress reports
  • Seamless coordination with our other divisions supplying instrumentation
    and system integration


The Electrical Construction Division is familiar with all aspects of performing in the industrial sector. Whether it is a small addition to an existing process or a complete process expansion, Hardie has certified trades people capable of completing the task on-time. Emphasis is put on quality, safety and meeting customer deadlines.



Production Environments

  • Material Handling
  • Mixing and Batching
  • Pasteurization
  • Processing and Refinement
  • CIP
  • Packaging
  • Utilites
  • Refrigeration

Industries Benefited by Electrical Construction

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A Word from a Client

Fred, I am very impressed with your new programmer Jeff Kloosterboer. He is a real go getter and great at programming and fixing our problems (troubleshot and fixed an intermittent problem we have be having here for a couple years ). Happy with his service. Just thought you would like to know.